The Two Vases

In the shop in Aphia Marina, I went looking for a souvenir for my daughter before going home to England.


There were identical jars very beautiful, but marked at different prices, one at £15 the other £125 but both looked the same.

My thought was that a mistake had been made and very gingerly after a short space of time I tried to examine them.

To my eye they were very similar, even the same jars, certainly from the same mould.

After a space of time the wife of the potter came on the scene and we chatted for a while about the previous visit and how much her husband was taken with my interest in pottery of the Greek Classical period.

Well she offered me a cup of coffee that I gladly received because of the heat and it was while sipping it I brought the error to her attention.

She was so polite and gently with me but I had noticed a slight smile on her face when she talked to her husband.

The both with straight face looked at the mistake!  I should have known better than proceed with the discussion.

They were so apologetic about the discrepancy, but would I like to examine them further in case they were priced aright.

Well I stood for several minutes doing as they suggested, before finally the lady burst out laughing and her husband took my arm to laugh also.

The difference was not on the outside but on the inside the dearer one was filled with Frankincense.

I joined them in the laughter explaining why I had acted as I had and we sat together and they told me of the many folk who called who had the same problem.

The Lord Jesus said it is not the external that counts with God but the internal

State of man.

Some folk are very methodical and ritualistic in observance of cleanliness but have very little thought for the inside from where jealousy, envy, pride and the like come from.

He had come to clean up the inside and put His Spirit within us if we did but let Him do so.

Now the Holy Spirit only inhabits Holy people, those people whose sin has been forgiven through Jesus name and sacrifice.

The Holy Spirit comes to abide within and to enable the person to live the life they now profess in Jesus Christ.

What a difference He makes not in price but in value because He is preparing us for eternity and Gods presence.

Is He changing you or are you content to be just a common vase discarded into eternal darkness?