Where is your passport?

A very well known footballer hit the headlines a little while ago, it was not for his football skills but for something totally different, as we shall see.

Frozen On The Rock Face

It was a cloudy Saturday morning in the valley of Llanberis near to the track that leads to the highest peak of Snowdon in North Wales, with many hikers and climbers around.


Many of us have lived through the floods of recent years in Britain, but few will have witnessed the avalanche that followed the floods in Peru.

Being In The Right Place Helps

Some time ago I was watching a couple, trying to sort out exactly where they were on M6 motorway, as they sat at the table in the café by the M5 motorway.

Fishing Boat Tragedy

The summer of 1996 will remain in the memory of an Israeli young man forever, as a 13-year-old boy he had gone fishing with his father off the coast of Cornwall.

 The Lighthouse 

The trip from Japan across the Pacific had been done many times by the captain of the Korean owned freighter carrying a Panama flag.

The Hurricane

The fishing fleet set out from port in good conditions and were in regular contact with each other as they sailed out into the Atlantic.

The Rare Lily

I was travelling down to Pembroke from Oswestry in February 1999. It was an uneventful journey for a large proportion of the journey.