We will look at the fall we have been through today, but seek to learn from it, so that instead of being conquered we will determine to become a conqueror through our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the main reasons for a fall or failure is that we will rely on helping ourselves when only the King can see us through the temptations.

We look at ourselves and it spells disaster, we look inward and get depressed and as we look at our limited resources we descend into defeat.

It is when we look up to the King Eternal that we see the pathway to victory and to the over coming power and strength that is made available by Him to us.

We learn to exercise faith instead of flight when the enemy roars out its threats and acts in violent manners, faith stands firm as the arrows fly around us.

Faith stands solid against the shouts and taunts of the enemy who make threats that can only be carried out under the control of the Lord.

We can stand in Christ against the advice thrown at us by the enemy of our souls, We rest in Thee our shield and our defender, we might tremble on the rock but it will never tremble under us.

What confidence this breathes into the harassed soul under constant attack 'our trust or confidence is in the Lord v1, He is the place of refuge, safety and shelter during the passing storm.

Let us remember this, the war is almost over, the battle is coming to swift conclusion when the King of King steps back into time to collect His Church and set up His Kingdom, over throwing forever the puppet king Satan's domination of the planet.

The enemy may say 'flee as a bird to your mountain' but on that great day of the Lord it is he who will flee to the mountains seeking refuge that does not exist.

The enemy may bend the bow of war today but tomorrow he will be the object of Gods arrow that never misses its target in judgement.

Only the Living God can turn events like that and we should be aware that He can turn events for us personally when we learn to rest in Him alone.

He can turn the obstacles we face into paving slabs for us to walk over, He can break into small pieces, the giant boulders that are thrown across our way by the enemy.

When law, order and justice are over thrown, as they are continually under human domination, the Lord will come to the aid of His people.

I like to point out v3, it opens with 'if' and not when, because our God will never be overthrown or usurped as His Kingdom knows no end.

He will over throw all powers and authorities that dare to challenge His beloved Son as their kingdom know its end is near.

No the fact remains secure, the kings of the earth have limited power and limited time for their reign but the King of King reigns eternally.

The foundations of our faith maybe shaken, we may feel very weak within our self and we can feel as if we are going under never to recover, but in an instant our Lord Jesus comes to our aid.

Two facts about the eyes of the Lord, the first is very precious because they are always watching over us, the other one reveals they are going to try the children of men, our enemy, meaning He will scrutinize them in minute detail.

They will want to fly from His presence rather than seek to reason with Him over their affairs, demonstrated whilst on earth.

Nothing will remain undone on the Day of Judgement, each godless soul will be seen for what they have done, said and thought, without a single instance being missed, even the motives will be disclosed.

We need to look at the two words here 'try' and 'tries' because the two have different meanings, the first is to prove unbelief by trial and the other is to prove the genuineness of faith through trial.

We are going to be tried and tested by the Lord to prove the reality of our faith and by doing so He is refining us for His presence.

So today as we face the trials and difficulties, let us ponder the fact that our heavenly Father is proving us v5, to see if we are a fake or the genuine article.

The fact is there are many con men and women around wanting the security of heaven without wanting the refining on earth, our Father is not deceived by such evil thoughts.

When the foundations of our faith are tested we are shaken inside out, it seems as if the bottom has dropped out of our world, but it is here that our trust and faith stand the test.

We who trust the Lord Jesus are found seeking Him the more and longing for closer fellowship with Him.

For many, the times of precious fellowship are hard to concentrate on, our minds wander continually and the thoughts of the day flood our mind.

Yet a few minutes at the beginning of the day, alone with God, will make all the difference to the day. So keep looking up to the summit of the holy hill and commune with the Sinners friend who understands when no one else does.

Our Father is on the Throne v4, He is ever vigilant and caring for His children, even in His refining, He remembers that we are clay, He knows how hard it is to press with His fingers.

He is working on us for eternity and getting rid of the sinful grit in our life as He watches over our daily walk and work. He is operating all the while with our best interest in mind.

The fact is that most of us cry the moment the pressure begins and instead of yielding to His hands we seek to help ourselves by human instincts, the sooner we let go and let God have His way the better it is for us.

The Creator of the Universe wants control of our little life, and the flesh life wrestles and struggles to keep control of us, 'O retched man that I am' exclaims the yielding clay.

Now here we stop as we are going through the refining at the moment, it is time for the clay to look at the Potters hands as well as His eyes.

The hands that are working on us are the nail pierced hands of the Lord Jesus, He did not need refining but He went through Calvary to meet the demands of the Holy God on our behalf.

The loving caring hands are holding us up in the midst of the storms of life and it is He who bids us to let go and yield to His tender loving care.

We gaze on Him in v7, and we listen to the Father talking, revealing the secrets of His heart, that He delights to commune with righteous people.

The fact that He is working on us to make us pure and holy, is a wonder that baffles us, as we consider who we are in the light of who He is.

He has plucked us out of the fire of judgement, to place our feet on the solid rock of His salvation, the fire was to test us and once proven, then we will be accepted into His conscious presence.

When we examine v6, we realise that the fiery judgement on the wicked is something that terrifies us, but how we praise the Lord that this judgement has passed from us and we will not feel the wrath of His judgement on sinners.

Well, now we are on the holy hill today, our Father and beloved Saviour are looking at the family on earth and are going to prove the faith that we put in them as they prove the righteousness in us.

Tests, trials and temptations, are bound to come our way, but with the Lord Jesus as our constant guide and our diligent trust operating, come what may, we will remain firm and steadfast in our faith.

Keep looking up into our Saviour's face and watch for the movements of His eyes, as they are directing us out of temptation onto the pathway of mastery over it.

When the temptation is severe it is worth stopping to commune with the Lord for a few seconds and that can lift you out of or over it for His glory and your benefit.