Today we commence where we left off in the last Psalm, with out total concentration on the Living God, look at the words 'Thou' eight times, 'Thy' six times and 'Thine' once.

Worship flows in the Psalm and so it should from our hearts as we fall down at His footstool in the holy place before His Throne of Grace.

To sit down on a mountain side on a clear summers night gazing at the majestic heavenly scene fills us with awe and wonder.


The Christian could spend many happy hours gazing at the creation then being drawn into worship in the presence of the Creator, their heavenly Father.

Our hearts should flow in ceaseless praise and adoration as we commune with the Lover of our souls, delighting to fall at His feet to learn more of His mercy, lover and grace.

Worship is the highest point that we can achieve on earth, worship of the Creator God, as we begin to see Him behind His handiwork.


Gazing out at the great expanse of the universe, we are stunned by its silent beauty, we are silenced by its enormity and struck by its awesome greatness.

The multitude of stars, the orbit of the planets the contrasting Sun and Moon all bring us to the Creator behind it all.

We do not look at a massive void but at the organized creation, we do not look at a meaningless universe but at the handiwork of the Creator God, we do not look at a result of an explosion but at the canopy of our little world.


The whole universe right down to each individual on the little planet earth speaks of order, design and handiwork of the Creator God.

We oftentimes hear the remark 'we are wonderfully made', when we examine the various parts of our anatomy and it all points to the Sovereign God who dwells in majestic light outside of the universe.



Sitting on the hill side on a clear night, the panoply of God beams on us with splendid glory and it leaves us stunned as we gaze into the night sky planets, nebula and constellations.

All in their place, as they have since creation, we can plot their courses and know exactly where to look for them and then sit back and reflect on the Architect and Constructor of it all, our heavenly Father.


We call Him our Lord vs1 and 9, yes we open with Him and we close with Him, He is the all in all, the whole universe speaks of His majestic handiwork.

'Thy name' that is 'excellent in all the earth' meaning mighty, we worship and adore Thee because there is none like unto Him, He has no equal or rival, He is uniquely supreme and we bow at His feet in humble adoration.

As we contemplate the greatness of our God, it is staggering that we fret and fear as we do especially when we recognise that He holds the universe in place, what a staggering thought that it is only by His power that they not only exist but are kept in their courses and order.



This truth comes from the mouths of children, far more expressively than it does adults who are brainwashed b your enemy Satan into believing all manners of ideas about creation rather than to the base facts.

A simple testimony to the truth of scripture is of greater value than all the hypothesis of the class room or lecture hall against it.

We are a minute dot on a minute planet but we are of infinite worth to our Creator, so much so that He actually came to visit the planet in His beloved Son.


We are so insignificant really, but human nature delights to exalt itself and the ego is inflated when various thoughts and schemes are brought forward regarding creation.

New ideas and anything that explodes the idea of a Creator God is pounced on with relish by those seeking to remove themselves from under Gods divine control.



'What is man' comes from the lips of people who recognise who they are in the sight of the Living God, redeemed sinners who are of infinite value to Him.

What an amazing thought that though we are so small in the sight of the whole of creation and yet we are loved by the Creator in a very special way.


The Creator God sent His Son into the world to be our Redeemer, Saviour and Deliverer. He did what none of us could do for ourselves, because as sinners we could not save ourselves.

Our sinfulness is contrasted by His holiness, the like of which burns up all that approaches Him, making it impossible in our self to approach Him at all.

The fact is, when we confess our sin and repent of it, we are then covered by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and He then makes it possible for us to ascend up Gods holy hill.


Now the sound of singing is heard all over the holy mount from the lips of Gods mountaineers who are praising and magnifying their glorious Lord as they climb on the path of righteous living.

We glance at the structure of things in v5 the angels that have access to the Father in the heavenly place the Arch Angels having responsibility over them dwell in perfect obedience to the Creator God.

Human nature was formed in the hand of God on the earth and are special in creation as they have the ability to commune and fellowship with their Creator in ways no other part can.


We are not just a created being but have the Spirit of God within us that is indestructible and will return to the Maker at death for either good or bad consequences.

The good, are those who accept the truth that they are the sinner for whom Christ left the heavenly realm to die on earth to save from eternal condemnation.

The plain fact is that mankind has been given the responsibility to look after the planet and the things on it, yet we have abused that with unreasonable behaviour.


From the fowls of the air, to the animals on the earth, to the fish of the sea, we have managed to control most of them but not all of them.

We are even corrupting space now, leaving multitudes of pieces of debris that we have finished with but do not know how to deal with.

We have done little, but foul up what has been loaned to us for our benefit, whilst we pass through life on earth, sin has made catastrophic changes to our life on earth.


The greatest and worst is the way we have treated the Creator, turning Him into idols of wood, stone and precious metals seeking to encapsulate the ideas dreamt up by human beings.

When we get alone on the hill side, on the dark night and gaze up to the universe with all its variance and beauty, we begin to see the heart that is behind it, is beating in love for those redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.


That the 'Love' has motivated the Lord Jesus to come from heavens glory, into this sin riddled world, is way beyond any type of love that we can imagine on earth.

We know human love displayed amongst human beings, then there is another particular love, known amongst family members, another kind of love is displayed amongst friends and associates.

Gods love is like Himself, unique, it is the self giving that gives without looking for reward or thanks for displaying it. 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lays down His life for His friends', yes but for His enemies as well.


We gaze on the beautiful night sky with wonder, but we look beyond to the 'Sun of righteousness' Malachi 4 v2 the 'Lamb of God' John 1 v29, the 'Son of God' John 1 v34 is the 'Son of Man' v51.

Oh the wonder of it all, it is too great for us to take it all in, and yet as we climb up Gods holy hill, we sit in awe and wonder as we listen and learn from Gods holy word.

We can cry out in exclamation v9 'O Lord our Lord how excellent is Thy name in all the world', we bow in humble adoration and submission before Thy Throne and bring our simple homage and worship to the One to whom it belongs.