We begin our climb today in prayer, an act that every Christian has the privilege of doing and is sadly just a routine for many.

The joy of coming to our Father, sitting on the summit of the hill, is lost by multitudes of Christians because they are looking around at each other, rather than looking up to our Father.

The back ground to the Psalm is 2 Samuel 15 – 18 with the loss of the Ark of the Covenant and with it Gods presence amongst His people.


The death knell was felt amongst the people, the horror of losing the mighty presence of the Living God is unbearable to the faithful Israelites.

To them the taunts cry out 'there is no help for him in God' it brought mortification to their souls, they were walking like dead men to the world.

The troubles of the past days weigh heavy on many a soul, on Gods holy hill. They feel like David did when fleeing from Absalom his third son.


Rebellion was in Absalom's heart, nourishing the desire to supplant his father David and going to great lengths to do so.

But climbers on Gods holy hill always have the advantage of knowing that their heavenly Father is well aware of the tricks and deceits of the wicked.

We need to face up to the facts that when we climb on Gods holy hill, we will find adversaries close at hand seeking to make our feet slide so that we slip into some deep ravine.


The closer we are to our Guide the safer we are and though the temptations be real and challenging, we can know mastery over them through His saving and keeping power.

He does not remove that bolder that is rumbling in our way, but He will give us the ability to climb over it and to be able to look down on it from our higher advantage position.


We notice the word 'increased' because when we are climbing consciously on Gods holy hill the greater the obstacles seem to become.

It is amazing how a multiplicity of problems seem to come our way when we are seeking to walk according to Gods word, but this is to be expected.

Time seems to pass by so quickly and tiredness is a hazard when we struggle to get our quiet time with the Lord, that is the time to keep close to the Lord, take a few minutes times each day if you cannot make the hour at one go.


We find that people keep coming or contacting us when we are struggling to read Gods word, the telephone, a letter or a visit, all robbing us of communion with our Lord Jesus.

It takes discipline to cut it all off for a space of time each day so that we can have that precious time alone with the Lord.

We should ponder v2 because millions of folk are telling us today that God does not exist and there are Christians listening to this deception of Satan's, causing them to stumble and others to question with them.


The word 'help' is a vital one, as it points to our salvation and the ensuing victory that He gives to repentant sinners.

The enemies of Christ will do all within their limited powers to trap the Christian who is not walking closely to their Saviour, our defeat is because we are listening to the enemy and not communing with the Lord as we should be.

Then comes a mighty 'but Lord', the all important 'but' that turns the argument upside down for the vigilant Christian climber because the seeming death fall is only a slide on human thinking.


The moment the Lord takes His rightful place in our life the disaster is blown away and the Guide sorts the mess out and upward we climb.

There is something majestic about our beloved Lord Jesus' dealings with us.  When we fall, He picks us, cleans us up and then begins to encourage us not to do it again, all for our own benefit.

We get our climbing ropes in such a tangle and we blame to conditions or spiritual climate for them when we should be looking at the commitment of our heart towards Him.


People may pass us by without speaking, others reject our spiritual desires and some will have nothing more to do with us when our commitment costs something, but our precious Lord is ever on hand to commune with us.

That communion becomes like precious ointment to our soul and mind, more valuable than any earthly treasure and far more rewarding, as we press on along the path of righteousness.

He is our shield surrounding us, taking the flak that is thrown at us and when the avalanche of criticism falls around us, He protects us diligently.


When things are upside down or everything seems out of balance, all we need to do is to look up to the summit, because our Saviour is enthroned there and He is our anchor.

It is by faith that we lock on to the eternal rope of salvation and as we climb amongst humanly impossible circumstances, we find there is a way through and victory is ours.


How many Christians can testify to v4, every one of them found climbing on Gods holy hill, have and do, cry out regularly for His help and aid and they stand testimony to the fact 'He heard our cry'.

He is not standing in the valley shouting orders to us on how we should tackle the problems and difficulties we face daily, emphatically not, He is there on His holy hill along side us giving enlightenment and encouragement to us all.


He goes through the various situations of life with us and sometimes we go over the same moves time and time again until we get the message of victory in Christ over it.

The end of the hard days struggle on a mountain finds climbers quiet and reflective, usually shattered by the experiences they have been through.


So it is in the Christian climb, but we have the added blessing that 'He gives His beloved sleep', we can lie down and sleep contented in the knowledge that our guardian and guide never slumbers or sleeps at all.

He is vigilant in His care over all His children, He knows the needs and He will meet them according to His plan for us and that includes refreshing sleep v5.


The word 'sustained' means to lay hold of, to bear up and to uphold it also means to hold up those who lean upon Him.

We come to lean upon Him on the holy hill to rely more and more upon His strength and power as we move up the holy mount.

It brings with it a sense of responsibility because we can easily become self confident and that can be disastrous when climbing.

It only takes a split second of loss of concentration and the slide or fall occurs, bringing us down to the bottom of a lonely ravine, we can praise the Lord that He does not leave us to our self but quickly comes down to lift us up.


The word 'thousands' is no exaggeration, there are multitudes around us seeking to gain our attention seeking to give us advice and wanting us to slip up.

This is the strategy of the enemy, the arm chair critic watching us climb will shout out their advice to us continually even though they have never climbed or walk a mountain in their life.

This is where our communion with the Lord is vital, the critics have only human knowledge to draw from and that can be very pathetic, the Christian climber has the experience of sharing things with the Lord daily.


'Salvation' v8 points to deliverance from sin, victory over temptation and provision for our welfare, the source of all of this is outside human resources as it comes from the heart of the Creator God.

Our Saviour brings deliverance from disasters, He enables us to climb when otherwise we would fall and He gives us victory over temptation.

What a mighty prospect lies before us today as we seek to put to practice what He has revealed through His word as we climb a little higher up Gods holy hill.