We contemplated the hands and eyes of the Lord in the last study and today we look at a third aspect. His voice in this Psalm.

To put things into context the voice of the writer is heard in vs.1 and 6 – 8, it is the voice of the wicked that is heard in vs.2 – 4 and the voice of the Lord in v 5.

So let us listen to the voice of the writer and examine the thoughts that he is revealing and soon we can hear our own voice echoing the same sentiments.

The word 'help' has the same root as 'save', it is the cry of a desperate man who is facing calamity because godly people are in a fast growing minority.

There seems to be few folk who are really committed to righteous living and the standard of life on earth is going to an all time low.

Sinners are reveling in their evil practices and sin abounds on every strata of society, deception, lurid and shocking things are presented daily across the media.

It would seem that the Christian has become dumb and afraid to speak out against the torrent of filth pouring forth daily from wicked people.

The voice of the Psalmist seems a lone voice and passed over by the crowds as irrelevant

but all the time there is an ear open recording the plight of the righteous.

God is not blind or deaf to the sin that abounds all the time as men and women display their evil actions and speak their wicked thoughts openly

He will move in judgement as soon as the pot begins to boil over and what an end that will be for the pompous, proud and petulant sinning people.

The Psalmist is echoing the sentiments of successive generations as he pours out his complaint to the Lord, what he, like us needed to know, is that God has His faithful remnant.

He is listening to their cry and prayers, He will step in at the right time that is His appointed time and will transform the situation for them, Noah knew all about this in Genesis 6.

These are difficult days when sin is rampant and folk are delighting to show their evil minds in the most dastardly of ways.

We listen to them talking and it reveals three facets about them the first is their empty talk even though they seem to know what they are talking about.

Their talk is usually irresponsible as they talk as if it were facts, when at best it is only theory, human understanding of things.

Evolution is a classic example, the devotees talk as if their points are facts when they are

only speaking for themselves

The talk of the sinners is insincere they say one thing but do something different, ask the poor, widow and orphan how they are coping as the rich throw away their uneaten food.

Secondly there is the smooth talk heard regularly from sinners seeking to get their way

in society, they talk about pleasures of drink and drugs particularly as if they were soul satisfying when they are death bearing things.

Try it is the cry of the addict, it will do you no harm but then quickly the obsession takes hold and another life is ruined along with others around them.

Addiction can take hold on many things, drink, drugs, gambling and the ever growing prostitution, pornography and pedophilia all wanting to get hold of folk with their smooth talk.

The trap is set in the way people talk to each other and the smooth talker is a perfect example of opening up a life into addiction of one kind or another.

Then there is the double talker, the ones who say one thing but mean another or more subtle the ones who speak and leave you with two ideas to ponder over from one word.

How often folk are left in a quandary after a conversation because the words reveal two thoughts that are of different meaning.

The double minded person is unsure in all his ways or as James puts in 'A double-minded person is unstable in all his ways' 1 v 8 .

The Christian needs to be fully aware that there is a word in James 4 v 8 'purify your hearts you double minded', our words like our life should be single minded.

Before we pass on we should take note that one of the marks of the great beast that will arise before Christ comes again is his speech Revelation 20 v 7 - 10, 13 vs.5 – 8 and in 2 Peter 2 vs.1 – 2.

False prophets propounding their fanciful ideas and false teachers that present their own thoughts as if they were absolutely true.

Well now, the Christian has the precious and blessed Holy Spirit residing in them enabling them to know the truth that enables them to walk in the light of it.

The Christian life is not an obstacle course of multiple choices but a straight pathway that leads us to the summit of Gods holy hill.

Our Father does not manipulate situations to fit His word but He does communicate to us through His word and that will always bring us to a sanctified and holy life.

The voice of the Lord is clear and plain, He moves to provide for and protect the 'Poor, Orphan and Widow' those trodden down by the intellectual hierarchy.

The great majority of folk accept what they see on the Television and newspapers and hear through the radio as being right but in truth the vast majority is manufactured on the anvils of hell.

Our heavenly Father does not or cannot speak with a double forked tongue, He dwells in holiness that withers up all that is ungodly before it arrives in His presence.

He stands with the 'poor being oppressed' those down trodden in society by the heavy handed over leaders, those who destroy property to get their own ways.

The 'sighing needy' and there are not a few of them in every country of the world, it points to those crying under the great restraints being put on them in increasing measure by authorities.

Here those who put their trust in the Lord find real help, we note the personal nature of the word of God, 'I will set him in safety' v 5 pointing to the deliverance that He brings to repentant sinners.

Our Father is personally watching over all of the affairs of His children and the harder the situation the closer He watches over them providing for them from His unseen hand.

We listen now to those who have proven this in their lives, they find that the words of God 'are pure', that is perfectly right without a hint of deception or double meaning.

His word is 'pure' that is clear, bright and shining as purified silver beautiful to behold and wonderful to have when applied to ones life.

His word is His promise, it can be relied upon when applied by faith to be fully implemented on request to the yielded soul.

His word is perfect, that is complete, it does not need adding to or subtracting from through time, as Revelation 22 vs.18 - 19 instructs us along with Deuteronomy 4 v 2.

If we give ourselves to study and apply Gods written word we will have neither time or desire to alter His precious word.

The truth is clear the word of God is all powerful to those that believe Him and they are the source of strength, power and authority, beyond human understanding.

The wicked may swagger around displaying their knowledge and protesting at the weakness of the bible, they may shout their mouth off regarding the frailty of people believing the scriptures, but on the Judgement Day they will be the cringing ones.

So we look at v 1 and the first word again is 'help', firstly it is close at hand all the time, the moment we cry out it is available too us, 'before you call I will answer' says the Lord.

Secondly 'help' is available all the time we are never out of our Saviour's sight or of His mind, He delights to receive the request from us and as with Peter on the water He is on hand to rescue us.

Thirdly 'help' is promised for those walking along the path of righteousness we are not left to our own devices but have the Holy Spirit to enable us to conquer.