Psalm 1


Today we set off on our climbing expedition doing what many climbers enjoy doing at night, singing songs over a drink and a meal, recalling the days experiences.

On their journey's, the Israelites loved to sing and many a Psalm was written so that they could be sung as the people travelled to Jerusalem for the feast and festivals.


We open with a question in v1 that finds its answer in the previous Psalm 9v9 the Lord is our 'refuge in time of trouble' where we learn that the 'gate of death cannot keep us from the gates of Zion'.


We will look at the fall we have been through today, but seek to learn from it, so that instead of being conquered we will determine to become a conqueror through our Lord Jesus Christ.


We contemplated the hands and eyes of the Lord in the last study and today we look at a third aspect. His voice in this Psalm.


Today we settle down to gaze upon our beloved Saviour, God the Father's anointed Son, He is our guide throughout this life until we enter into eternity and then forever more.


We begin our climb today in prayer, an act that every Christian has the privilege of doing and is sadly just a routine for many.


The morning prayer of Psalm 3 is followed by the evening prayer today and what a song we are presented with, tiredness brings distortion with it. 


We do not give enough time or thought to the value of prayer today, it is a hasty hour filled with petitions and pleas for the things around us with little place given to reflect on the answers or denials of the last weeks sessions.