Elegug Rocks - (Stack Rocks)

A wonderful view of Elegug (Stack) Rocks at night with a view of part of the centre of our Milkyway Galaxy.
You cannot see the centre of the Milkyway with the unaided eye. This photograph must have been taken with a long exposure to gather the light from the extremly feint stars. This truely amazing photo was taken by Drew Buckley, a local photographer.

ElegugRock Milkyway


Green Bridge

Only about 400 metres away from the elegug viewing area you can find the Green Bridge viewing area.

Two beautiful features in one location.  The Photo was also taken by Drew Buckley, a local photographer.

Green Bridge 


Viewing areas, DO NOT go close to the edge, you can fall off and die !!

The yellow line shows the viewing area for Stack Rocks (local name)

The yellow dot shows the position of the purpose built viewing platform to see the Green Bridge. Use it!

 Coastal - Elegug-Aerial view


Directions to Elegug Rocks & the Green Bridge

Directions from Westgate Chapel Pembroke using [google.com/maps]

Sat Nav's don't seem to like going past the military camp entrance and divert you slightly. The route I have shown does not cause any problems and takes you to a small cross road area directly opposite the entrance onto the military land to take you to the rocks

Coastal - Elegug-directions 1


I have given the coordinates to the main road, even here it gets a bit confused !!

51deg 38min 3sec N  

4deg 59min 25sec W

Decimal = 51.6341, -4.9903


Over Military land

The last portion is over military land and can only be accessed when the RED flag is NOT flying. Tank exercises and live firing!!

There is a further 1.6 miles to get to the rocks. The road is easy to drive and  takes you to a small carpark on top of the headland near the sheer cliffs.

From there you can walk to the short distance Elegug Rocks AND the Green Bridge, over heather and grass, mowed by sheep!.

Coastal - Elegug-directions 2 military

Elegug Rocks and the Green Bridge are 7.7 miles from Pembroke, BUT, your Sat Nav won't like the coordinates to the carpark. Military land !!!

Here are the coordinates to the carpark.

51deg 36min 44sec N  

4deg 59min 52sec W

Decimal = 51.6122, -4.9978

Parking There is a small but ample parking area.

Facilities Nothing