Hello, a Shepherd here.

Just a few lines of introduction.
I moved back to Pembroke in 2014 after serving the Lord in the Midlands area of Britain for over 40 years. Alongside my national work, I have spent 20 years serving in Albania amongst the new fellowships that were established after the overthrow of communism. It has been my privilege to serve the Lord for over 50 years as an Evangelist. In the later years, I taught the Bible in a wide variety of churches and situations. My real burden is to get Christians to enjoy their spiritual inheritance which can be found in the Bible. Personally, I started with 10 minutes a day, and gradually worked up to 2-3 hours per day, reading, studying and applying the scriptures to my life. It is my prayer that young Christians will get into the habit of communing with their Lord and Saviour and that older Christians maybe quickened in their faith, remember, none of us are too old to learn.